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An extraordinarily useful way to book bus ticket online easily, quickly and safely.


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Compare and get the best option

Browse the different ticket options offered by transporters based on the route and date of your trip.

Reserve your seat using your smartphone

Choose seat at your prefered position, select your boarding and dropping points easily.

Create account for a fast booking experience

With Bilheteira account, your bus ticket are stored securely, which can be quickly accessed using your accounts details to improve your booking experience.

Book bus tickets to friends and family

Wherever you are, book bus tickets for your family and friends, and send them easily using e-mail or social network like WhatsApp.


Thinking of travelling? Wherever you are, Bilheteira makes it ease to book bus ticket for your trip. Download now!


Get your bus ticket without leaving home. Follow the steps bellow:

Step 1

Choose your departure city, destination city and the date you want to travel.

Step 2

Choose from a variety of transporters options provided by the app.

Step 3

Choose a seat, your boarding and dropping points.

Step 4

Fill the passenger information and complete the process by securely paying your bus ticket.

frequent asked questions

  • The app uses M-pesa to authorize and facilitate the tickets payments. To pay your ticket you just fill an M-pesa number where the full amount will be deducted and a notification will be sent by M-pesa so that you can authorize the payment. Once the payment is authorized, the ticket will be generated and you will receive a transaction notification made to Bilheteira Inc. Limitada.

  • Tickets purchased from the app are stored in the mobile gallery. If you created Bilheteira account (recommended), the tickets are associated with this account and can be accessed anywhere at any time just using your account details.

  • Yes. Using the app, you can book tickets for family and friends who are far away (even in another city), and instantly send this ticket using E-mail, WhatsApp.

  • To place your transporter at Bilheteira, call or email us at hello@bilheteira.co.mz with your transporter name. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.


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